Welcome to the body: a home for love

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about us.

the body: a home for love is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit shifting culture around how black women heal from sexual trauma. we believe, wholeheartedly and unapologetically, that black women are worthy. and because of that, we're committed to helping survivors heal through joy - a gentle and restorative approach that affirms our worth despite what we've gone through. through wellness, art and storytelling, we empower survivors to reclaim their narrative and sustain the ongoing work of self-love and restoration. 

why this is for you, sis.

we believe that sisterhood is a necessary part of the healing process. the journey wasn't meant to be walked alone. you are not equipped to carry the weight of your trauma by yourself, and that's ok. we're here to lift you up, pour love into you, remind you of the love you deserve to give yourself and receive from others. we are one of your designated safe spaces. we reflect the beauty and resilience in each other. we see you, believe you, support you and like you: desire to heal.

something to note.

membership is donation based. all tiers receive the same benefits. we encourage members to donate according to their capacity/ability to ensure programming for the entire community. for members of our community that cannot give a monthly offering, please send an email to [email protected]  to apply for a free membership. 


thank you for showing up for yourself and choosing to be an advocate for your own well-being. you deserve navigate life, ease-fully, without the burden of shame, misplaced blame, and unaddressed trauma.